5 Popular Games to Earn Cryptocurrency

How nice would it be if you could earn money while playing games? The world would have been a fun place, isn’t it? Blockchain technology and gaming is an amazing combination of smooth functioning for good gaming experience and you wouldn’t have to spend ’n’ amount of money on mining rig just to earn cryptocurrency but you could play games!

Here we have listed games for you and let you have that dime of crypto:

Cryptokitties is one of the most popular crypto-games based on blockchain technology. It’s known for its reliable smart contracts, crypto-tokens, and creativity. Cryptokitties was launched in the year 2017 by the Axiom Zen.

Cryptokitties are based on an ERC-721 Ethereum token leading to the version of non-fungible as an ERC-20 token, meaning that they all are unique and based on the Ethereum Blockchain. All the transactions from the payment to the auctions are conducted with Ethereum. One also gets to experience the MetaMask tool.

It is a game wherein one can collect and breed virtually the adorable cats. Each cat is unique and is non-fungible, also it consists of rare avatars while its transaction is based through crypto trading via Ethereum blockchain.

You can buy and sell cryptokitties or even breed them and unlock the rare traits. One can crack the puzzles, play games or create a collection and earn rewards.

Fun Fact: A CryptoKitty was auctioned for $140,000.

Cryptokitties Website Link: https://www.cryptokitties.co/

Beyond the Void is a strategical game based on a hybrid strategy in space with the mechanics of RTS and MOBA. It is based on a standard Ethereum ERC-20 token. The mission of the members of Beyond the Void is to “Bringing back true ownership and peer-to-peer trading to players.” It was the first French Game that was launched on an ICO model.

It consists of strategy, action thrill, and competition while one can also design their own strategy and dominate the game of galaxy. The game’s goal is to design and build its fleet to take over the opponent’s home planet.

It facilitates its players a free to play interstellar Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The in-economy of the game is based on a cryptocurrency token named Nexium and the in-game items bought are all registered in the blockchain which makes it authenticated.

Fun Fact: The members created, funded and curated the Blockchain Game Summit in September 2018.

Beyond the Void Website Link: https://beyond-the-void.net/

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The development of the game had started after the success of the campaign that was crowdfunding in the summer of 2015. Spells of Genesis is a blockchain card game that utilizes Bitcoin blockchain-based on the Counterparty platform. Bitcoin is utilized for the transactions and it can be traded to both the outside and the inside through an app with the Book of Orbs. One could get new cards or trade them with the other players.

Spell of Genesis is a game based on a mobile phone that consists of a trading card game (TCG), deck collection, strategy, and arcade-style of aspects gaming. The player has to collect, trade and combine the orbs to build a strengthening deck and put them against their opponent also leading to exploring the fantasy realm of the Askian.

Fun Fact: In Spell of Genesis, its most valuable game cards are stored in Bitcoin Blockchain which is visible to anyone playing the game.

Spells of Genesis Website Link: https://spellsofgenesis.com/

Worldopo is a crypto-based mobile game released by Qubit AG in the spring of 2018 that aimed to have the capability to transform the experience of gaming into real based profit. Worldopo consists of almost all amazing features such as augmented reality, MMORPG, world-building, geopositioning, blockchain assets, gameplay, and DAG together and makes an immersive mobile multiplayer game.

Ethereum and Byteball are the platforms utilized in Worldopo. Byteball is a platform based on cryptocurrency that utilizes DAG — Directed Acyclic Graph technology. Worldopo enables the exposure of much practical cryptocurrency technology and aids to save money such as transaction fees while playing the game.

Fun Fact: Worldopo has almost more than approximately 50k members across the world!

Worldopo Website Link: https://www.worldopo.io/

Privateers Life is a game based on stimulation to the life of the pirate and its environment. In the game, the players can be part of the good’s production in the economy and also sell it in crypto tokens being worth real money. The players can forage, harvest, mine and craft in order to earn an in-game income which can also cash out. This game is said to be closer to the economy.

In the game, one can buy objects with Ludem tokens which is the currency of the game from the premium store or through other players. The goods in the premium store are crafted by the players through the collection of the materials and the ingredients to make them while the developers take their share from the items that are sold in the premium store and also charge tax for the things that are sold in their territory. If one has to avoid these charges, the player will have to buy their own island and set it up.

The vision of the game is to facilitate a game of an ideal survival-universe for a pirate setting.

Fun Fact: It is the first MMO Game based on economics with Blockchain.

Privateers Life Website Link: https://privateers.life/

As said,

“Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy anything else that can bring happiness!”

But isn’t it in a way ironic that you could do both now- earn that cryptocurrency and play games while you are at it?

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